Everything data needs, automated

End-to-end platform that integrates all your data sources into a central Data Warehouse and transforms it so business teams can easily create any metric and analysis on the BI
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3 components to serve everyone in your company

Business Intelligence
Saivo App
Managed ELT tools

Business teams can create
custom metrics and dashboards

Our BI platform lets anyone to explore the data and create custom dashboards autonomously. We can also connect Saivo to your existing BI.

One of the best BIs in the industry

Our platform includes Superset, the best open-source BI used by thousands of companies such as Tesla, AirBnb or Lyft. We can also integrate your existing BI to our platform.

Powerful yet very easy to use

Anyone can easily explore the data and create stunning charts and dashboards, no technical knowledge needed. And it has all the features that you can think of (filtering, alerts, collaboration,...).

Automate your reporting

Seamlessly prepare and share reports to your team or external stakeholders, on a schedule you set. Enjoy the flexibility of fully customizable reports, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Data teams prepare the data much faster

Saivo’s No-code App allows data teams to gain agility in repetitive tasks and helps them have a better control of the changes in the data project.

Create the Semantic Layer of your company with just a few clicks

Create and edit your dbt metrics and dimensions. The code is automatically generated by Saivo and pushed to your git repo.

Gain control over your pipelines

Track all the changes done by anyone in your team or by Saivo. Saivo runs all the checks automatically and notifies you when there are potential issues in the data.

Get a complete lineage view of your data project

See in which charts and dashboards on the BI your metrics are being used, and delete those that are not being used with confidence and good control.  

Gain 10x speed in repetitive and boring tasks

Complete repetitive tasks in just a few clicks instead of manually editing hundreds of files, while minimizing human errors with Saivo's automated processes.

Live Data Sync with Google Sheets

Bring any metric and model's data into a Google Sheet seamlessly, and the data will be updated automatically on a daily basis.

The best data tools,  
automated and maintained

End-to-end analytics stack for data extraction and transformation, automated and fully managed in your cloud.

Powered by dbt and the best open-source tools

Airbyte for data extraction, Snowflake or BigQuery for warehousing, dbt for transformation, Airflow for orchestration, and Superset for visualization.

Automated and maintained

Forget about any technical issues and save over 5 hours per week in maintenance (e.g. fixing a broken pipeline) or in development tasks that require highly-specialized knowledge (e.g. create a new data connector).

Reduce your spend in tooling and cloud costs

Save over 1000€/month in software licenses and by reducing your spend in cloud infrastructure. And you just deal with one provider and not with multiple vendors.


All plans below include the three components of the platform (the BI, the Saivo App, and the Managed ELT tools).
per month
Up to 3 data sources and 50 metrics
Platform access:
Business Intelligence (Superset) with all features
Managed ELT tools (Airbyte, Snowflake or BigQuery, and Airflow)
Saivo App for data teams
Unlimited users
per month
Up to 20 data sources and 200 metrics
Platform access:
Same as the Starter plan
Dedicated Slack channel
Unlimited users
per month
More than 20 data sources or 200 metrics
Platform access:
Same as the Starter plan
Dedicated Slack channel
Unlimited users
The hosting fees on your cloud provider (AWS or GCP), and the data warehouse bills (Snowflake or BigQuery) are not included in any of the pricing plans.