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The solution that generates value from your data
in a much more powerful and easier way

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SAIVO Core is the data platform
where everything can be done

Automates the end-to-end process of integrating the data from your different sources 
and getting it ready for any type of analysis

Select the modules you need

You can get the whole platform, or select only the modules you need. We will take care of the setup either way.

Data Warehouse

Storage of your data. It is efficient, secure, and it scales very easily. 


Ingests the data from  your sources into the data warehouse.


Transforms the data into tables and metrics that are ready to use.


Automates and streamlines the end-to-end process.


Updates operational systems, like CRM or ERP, with outputs and insights derived from the data warehouse.

A unique source of truth for the whole organization

SAIVO Core fosters collaboration and ensures reliability around your data, and avoids inconsistencies like the same metric calculated in different ways by different teams.

Data from all your sources

As the SaaS ecosystem and ways of interacting with customers explode, so do the amount of data generated across them. 
SAIVO Core integrates and combines all the data together.
You get insights from all your sources.

New insights, properly and quickly

SAIVO empowers business people to access and to request any new tables and metrics without creating bottlenecks and slowing down the decision-making at your company.

Your engineers will love it

You will have a best-in-class data stack used by the leading tech teams worldwide. Plus, our modular design allows you to customize and replace any parts easily. It ensures full scalability and flexibility, and it saves hundreds of engineering hours.

Free and painless setup. Easy adoption

You'll get up and running in less than a week.
There is no cost of implementation, you pay nothing until your data is flowing in.

No team or resources? SAIVO Services can help you!

Analytics Consulting

Not sure about what KPIs are the best for you or if that analysis is suitable for your data? We’ll help you run your business with confidence. 

Custom integrations

Frustrated with tools that don’t get the data from all your apps? Not to worry, we can handle it. And yes, we do marketplace integrations too :).

Data prep as a service
Do you have to wait for days until you get your metrics? Has your database collapsed as your volumes increase? Our data modelling techniques will translate your business logic into tables in a fast and scalable way.
Visualization support

Still fully on Excel and with fear of starting with BI? We will help you build nice dashboards quickly and on your own. 

Like having a strong data team

With SAIVO you can have similar capabilities as big companies do, from engineers to data analysts, but saving thousands of dollars every month.

Pay only for what you need,
when you need it

We operate in a value-based and flexible model, where you pay only for what you need when you need it. No long-term commitments, you can rump up or shut down our support on a monthly basis.

Agility at its best

We have built analytics platforms for similar businesses and we have developed a work methodology tailored to the dynamics and growth of startups and digital companies.

Do you want a free session?

Schedule a free session to give us the context of your business and we'll tell you how analytics could help you. No strings attached.