Top 1% Analytics Engineers, at your disposal

The Saivo team will help you build an end-to-end analytics platform in a 2-phase model validated with top-tier brands. 
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Our Launch Program

Perfect for startups and growing brands that want to build a complete and scalable analytics platform, quickly and with minimal investment.
Setup phase
The Saivo team will handle the tools setup, integrate your data sources, and help you build an in-house data team if you want.
Done in max 3 months. 
On-demand support
We train your data team and assist with the most technical tasks. A truly flexible model: only where and when you need us.

Setup Phase

Done in max 3 months. Limited to two companies per month.

Technical setup

The tools will be fully working in your cloud in less than a week. Always in alignment with your tech team. 

Integration of your data sources

End-to-end, from data extraction to visualization on the BI. We can integrate all your sources. 

Metrics and dashboards

Creation of the core data models, key metrics and visualizations, with a proven modeling methodology. 

Onboarding and training

We’ll train your data team to become super efficient. If you don’t have an in-house team yet, we can help you build one and onboard new hires. 

On-demand support

We assist your teams

We train and work hand-in-hand with your teams, and we provide advice wherever needed (e.g., how to structure the database or how to best use the tools).

And we can do the most technical tasks 

Those highly-specialized tasks where we are 10x more efficient and that don’t bring any leverage to the company (e.g. create a data connector to a new data source).

What makes our model unique?

Access to top talent

The Saivo team is made by McKinsey and BCG alumni and elite engineers. Our model makes them accessible at a fraction of the cost (~5%) of what you would pay.  

Don’t oversize your team

No need to hire data engineers and specialized profiles. Reduce fixed costs and get the same value with just 1-person data team.

100% flexible & on-demand

You can request our help when and where you need it. We adapt to your needs, without any retainers or long-term commitments. 

Proven model for startups 

Our methodology has been validated with growing companies similar to yours, so we know how to add real value fast.

Frequently asked questions

In the Support phase, can I only request 1-2 hours per week? Also, can I stop the service for a few months or do I need to book a minimum number of hours?
Yep, you can just request a few hours whenever needed, no need to commit to a minimum number of hours in advanced. And yes, you can stop for as much as time as you want. It’s 100% flexible to your needs. 
You say the Setup phase takes max 3 months, is it always the case? 
Our Setup phase is designed to last 3 months. However, the actual duration can vary based on the specific needs and complexities of your project. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and adapt our timeline accordingly.
What are the use cases that Saivo is used for?
The best thing about Saivo is that it's not constrained to a set of use cases. Our solution make it versatile, catering to a wide range of use cases including business intelligence, analytics reporting, and even advanced applications like predictive modeling.
Can I decide who does each task, the Saivo team or my team?
Absolutely! You can choose how to allocate tasks between the Saivo team and your in-house team. Whether you need us to take the lead or simply offer guidance and support, we'll tailor it to fit your team's expertise and bandwidth.

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