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One platform, all your data needs covered

SAIVO empowers leaders across the whole company to derive insights through data quickly and easily. It supports every type of quantitative decision.

Get the full picture quickly with our predefined dashboards

After tons of data analytics work for many companies, we have carefully designed and built some dashboards that should cover your primary needs, to enable the value of analytics with very little effort, and very fast. 

Sales Overview

Get a clear picture of how your sales are going. You can select among variety of metrics (net or total sales, products sold, subscriptions, MRR,…) on a given time grain (daily, weekly, monthly,…) and split them by any dimensions (product category, region, recurrency,…).

PnL scan

Get the margin breakdown and the bottom line for each region, product line,… at any time grain. We integrate all sources of information around variable costs (marketing, product, logistic, etc.). 

Paid optimization

You will see which channels and campaigns are more efficient and lead to better growth, based on the metrics that you decide (CVR, ROAS, revenue, etc.). It supports e-commerce, web, and mobile apps.

Do you need a custom-made analysis?
We will do it for you!

Each company is unique and has different needs.
We have the best resources and the right methodology to make any tailored analysis in a very agile and efficient way.

Our customers are reaping great benefits

increase in net profitability

Thanks to more data-driven decision-making. This is possible only when the data from all the sources of each customer is combined and modelled together.

in monthly savings

By cutting off the spending on tools that are already provided by our data platform, as well as saving many hours of our customer’s engineering team.

of work weekly saved

By automating the work around data prep. Our customers had to download the data, bring it into their “main” excel, update the formulas, check that the metrics were accurate,… until SAIVO took over these manual tasks.