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Make good decisions faster

The end-to-end solution that makes analytics painless and powerful for growing businesses  

Empowering business leaders globally

Why fast-growing businesses choose SAIVO?

Suitable for any business use-case

Suitable for all your teams, for all use cases, and for all your metrics. Stop having one tool for each team (Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.). Save on increasing tooling costs, gain on alignment across teams.

Time saver and peace of mind

You will no longer have to do any repetitive tasks on data. We love Excel too, but we don’t like spending Monday mornings updating and reviewing the data.

Works now and for the long term

 Too many startups end up with a mess of ad-hoc queries that don’t scale. We have solved that with our best-in-class data stack used by the leading tech teams worldwide. 

As good as a full data team

At a much lower cost, and risk. Let the business people focus on the business and engineers on building a great product.

You will have any dashboards and metrics ready, in no time

A platform where you just define the metrics you want, and SAIVO does all the rest.

For all your data sources, for all your teams. For any type of metric.

You can also select from our catalog of predefined metrics.

SAIVO Metrics brings any metrics you need. It's like writing an email, but 10x more efficient

No-code interface where you can define any metrics and get them automatically calculated on your BI or on Google Sheets.  

From the core metrics (eg CAC, Active Users, MRR, etc.) to the most specific ones to your business.

Our engine generates the dbt models based on your requests, applying data modeling best practices from the very beginning. No more back-and-forth between data and business to iterate over the logic in the SQL queries.  

SAIVO Core, the open-source data stack where you don't need to worry about the engineering part

All-in-one data platform built with the best open-source tools in the industry.

There is no lock-in, it’s hosted on your AWS cloud so you have full control.

SAIVO takes care of the deployment and maintenance of the infra (upgrades, troubleshooting, etc.). 

SAIVO Services can help you get those insights that others won't

If you want to do a more complex and tailored-made analysis (CLTV, cohorts, etc.), you will have an analytics expert to do it for you.

Analytics consulting
Visualization support

Helping your business grow is our obsession

“With SAIVO we are managing 2x annual growth in a data-driven way before building our data team”.
COO at Tropicfeel

“With SAIVO, my team can calculate any metric and build any dashboard they need. We have been empowered and are able to use data to make better decisions in our day-to-day work”.
CEO at Melio

“Before we started working with SAIVO, we had to spend many hours every week making sure that the data on our Google Sheets was updated and the numbers correct. We still use Google Sheets today, but SAIVO takes care of moving the data automatically, and we can look at it with total confidence”.
CDO at Tekman

“We have tried multiple formulas to set up the best possible data stack and team. Even in a company with existing data infrastructure, SAIVO was the way to go. The flexibility makes it even better”.

CPO at Elma

Ready to grow with your data?