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Take your data analysis to the next level

Complete data solution for growing brands that want to get the data ready for any type of analysis, quickly and accurately.

We are helping the best brands become data-driven companies

The problem

Data analytics can be very slow and expensive...

...But it should be more like this

Empowering data consumers
Ensuring Trust in the data
Being Agile, showing value fast
Creating a strong base for the Long run

Our solution

We help you build your own data platform with the ultimate technologies, on your cloud.
Data models with a metric-centric approach that give agility and full autonomy to business teams.
Data experts
On-demand access to our analytics engineers for the most technical and complex tasks.

How do we work?

Data platform
Deployment and setup of open-source tools.

On your cloud, you have total ownership and flexibility.
Integration of your data sources
End-to-end, from data extraction to validation of the metrics.

In collaboration with your team or handled by us.
on demand
We can help you solve any problem and question.

We help your in-house team become super efficient.

Our mission is to Empower your teams.

What makes Saivo stand out?

Data from all your apps
For the standard ones, the metrics are ready-made.

For the rest (Excels, ERP,...) you get the data in hours instead of weeks. No need to bother your IT team.
Any metric,
tailored to you
With Saivo, you'll never hear "this can't be done".

We capture every single business rule to ensure that your metrics are 100% accurate.
Gain speed and save costs
Save over 1000€/month on cloud and software licenses.

Achieve with just 1 data analyst what it would otherwise require a 3-person team.
for the long run
The tools used by companies such as Airbnb, Tesla, and Dropbox are now accessible to you.

The platform remains solid as your business grows.

For the business person

Visualize the full picture of your business 

Get any metric on your own using business language.

No more “the Net Revenue is wrong” or “everyone is using a different definition of Active Users”

No more Mondays correcting and updating the numbers.

If you don’t want to adopt a new BI tool, the data will be brought to your existing tools (your BI, Excel, Google Sheets,…).

For the data person

Spend time doing what you love

Don’t waste your time fixing annoying technical issues such as “this data pipeline is broken”. 

Automate the boring part of your work. Let business teams become autonomous and reduce the number of repetitive requests.

Spin up a modern data stack in hours and adopt the new way of doing analytics. 

Take our customers' word

"We have become a data-driven company with the help of Saivo. We create reports and analyses independently that help us reach our goals". - Head of Strategy at Incapto.
"Our in-house data team is working with the tools that Saivo brought to Impress. The experience of Saivo engineers ensures a high quality in our data technology that matches the size and stage of the company". - Data Analytics Manager at Impress.
"With Saivo, my team can calculate any metric and build any dashboard they need. We have been empowered and are able to use data to make better decisions in our day-to-day work". - Chief Executive Officer at Melio.
"With Saivo, we have managed 2x annual growth in a data-driven way before building our data team". - COO at Tropicfeel.
"We had tried multiple formulas to set up the best possible data stack and team. Even in a company with existing data infrastructure, Saivo was the way to go. The flexibility makes it even better". - Chief Product Officer at Elma.
"We had to spend many hours every week making sure that the data on our Google Sheets was updated and the numbers correct. We still use Google Sheets today, but SAIVO takes care of moving the data, and we can look at it with total confidence". - Chief Data Officer at Tekman.
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