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Get your metrics and KPIs in minutes

Ready-made metrics and tables for your data sources, with a modern BI for fast data exploration and visualization. You can also connect your own BI.

Saivo is generating a lot value for companies that:

Use many different apps and data sources 

To run their business, usually with complex operating and distribution models. 

Want to create metrics on a regular basis

To make strategic or tactical decisions. And these metrics involve complex modeling between different data sources.

Need to reduce costs and increase efficiency

In their data initiatives. Either with no data team yet or with an existing one in place.

Our products

Saivo Core
Setup and management of an open-source data platform
Best-in-class open source tools, tailored to the needs of each company. On your cloud, with zero lock-in.
Saivo Metrics
Ready-made metrics for your sources
You can also create any metric you need, no-code or as-code. Saivo Metrics integrates with Superset (open-source BI used at Tesla and Airbnb among others), but you can also connect it to your own BI.
Saivo Services
Access to Analytics Engineers, on demand
On-demand model with full flexibility, for complex and ad-hoc tasks that consume too much time for your team.

What makes Saivo unique?

Centralize the data form all your apps
You can integrate the standard sources (Shopify, Facebook, HubSpot, Stripe, Holded,...) with just a few clicks.

But, as opposed to other platforms, you can also integrate the long tail of all your sources (Excel files, product databases, niche ERP apps,...).

In hours instead of weeks. No need to bother your IT team.
Any metric,
no-code or as-code
The first no-code platform integrated with the dbt Semantic Layer that generates the dbt code automatically. The metrics and data models can then be customized and extended as-code if needed.

Build beautiful dashboards on our BI. You can export them to GSheets if your prefer an Excel-like UI. You can also connect Saivo to your BI if you already have one.
Automation and cost saving
Our customers are saving over 1000€/month on cloud costs and software licenses.

They achieve with just 1 data analyst what it would otherwise require a 3-person team FT.

They have increased 3x the speed in getting their data and metrics ready for decision-making.

A strong base
for the long run
With Saivo, setting up an end-to-end analytics stack is accessible to everyone. No need for a data team.

Yet, the difference with other plug-and-play solutions is that you'll own a robust and scalable platform that your data team will build upon. They can change and edit the components as they wish.

On your cloud. No lock-in. Flat rate pricing.

For the business person

Visualize the full picture of your business, and make informed decisions faster.

Get any metric you need using business concepts, without coding or technical jargon. From the most standard ones (CAC, CLTV,…) to those most specific to your business.
You can quickly define and iterate over the business logic of each metric.

Focus on answering business questions by looking at the data, and don’t worry about the rest. Saivo automates the engineering of integrating and preparing the data.

Save costs and time (yours and your data team’s). No more Mondays in the morning checking if the numbers on Excel are correct.

Just one platform for all your data needs. It works for all your data sources and for all your teams.

For the data person

Bring analytics to the next level with dbt and a modern data stack.

Leverage the best in data engineering without wasting time troubleshooting and fixing issues. Spin up a modern data stack in hours instead of weeks. Build and manage data pipelines that scale, much more easily.

Reduce the number of requests and automate the boring part of your work. Let business folks create the metrics on their own on Saivo Metrics, a no-code UI that sits on top the dbt Semantic Layer. It automatically generates and pushes the dbt code to your Github repo.

The metrics and data models can then be customized and extended as-code (with dbt and SQL).

Adopt the new way of doing analytics. Bring your SQL queries and those definitions on Excel to version control.

Helping our customers grow is our obsession

"With SAIVO we are managing 2x annual growth in a data-driven way before building our data team".


Chief Operating Officer

"With SAIVO, my team can calculate any metric and build any dashboard they need. We have been empowered and are able to use data to make better decisions in our day-to-day work".


Chief Executive Officer

"We had to spend many hours every week making sure that the data on our Google Sheets was updated and the numbers correct. We still use Google Sheets today, but SAIVO takes care of moving the data, and we can look at it with total confidence".


Chief Data Officer

"We have tried multiple formulas to set up the best possible data stack and team. Even in a company with existing data infrastructure, SAIVO was the way to go. The flexibility makes it even better".


Chief Product Officer
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