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Examples of what you can get with Saivo

Control Tower

Get the full picture of your business in one place, and zoom into any specific areas.
Track how your sales evolve over time (MoM, WoW, YTD, MTD, etc.) broken down by any dimension (region, product line, etc.). 
Quickly understand how your costs are evolving compared to your sales.

Investors Reports

Automate the reporting to your investors with tailored dashboards, with a complete view of your business performance, financial health, and growth targets.
Breakdown of user growth, engagement metrics, and customer acquisition channels.
Analysis of burn rate, runway, and key metrics to assess sustainability.
Insights on product milestones and signals of product market fit.
Growth trajectories and financial projections.

Cohort Analysis

Customer behavior over time for different cohorts. With the ability to segment along any dimension, temporal (e.g., first time purchase) or categorical (e.g., product category).
Track the acquisition and conversion rate of different cohorts of customers.
Monitor the performance of different cohorts and use this information to improve customer retention and increase LTV.

Target companies

Although Saivo is not limited to any specific type of business, we have lots of experience in DTC brands,
DTC Brands
Omnichannel brands. They are expanding into new regions and acquisition channels and the business and operations are growing in complexity. Commonly with a subscription model.
Digital Apps
Usually subscription-based for different services, like clinic chains. They get customers mostly online. They use data to understand how customers find and use their services, from the first click online to the final product or service use.

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