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Boutique analytics consultancy with an elite data team that brings the best tech and capabilities to growing companies. We only take two new engagements per month.
The best growing brands are working with SAIVO

Tech + Talent

We are a team of data experts that bring the best data tools and capabilities, build solutions tailored to you, and empower your teams.

Modern data tools

We are experts of the modern data technologies (dbt, warehousing, LLMs,...) used by the best. We set them up, make custom developments, and handle the maintenance if needed. 

Data experts

We'll work closely with your teams and complement their expertise to create value fast. We train them to build the analytics capabilities so they are self-served.
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Our Services

We offer a suite of services designed for each stage in your analytics journey.
1. Business
For companies that operate on Excel and want to go from 0 to 1 in their data journey.
2. Modernize your Data Stack
For companies that want to complement their BI tool with a complete and modern analytics stack.
3. Build your Semantic Layer
For companies with a solid foundation looking to enhance self-service and data quality.
4. CDO
as a Service
We offer advice on team configuration, hiring, training, and definition of the data strategy.

What makes SAIVO unique?

The best data tools

We don't sell our software. We bring the best open-source technologies used at companies like AirBnb or Dropbox and we make them work for you, but you'll keep full ownership and control.

The best talent

Our team comes from BCG and McKinsey and has founded and scaled companies. Our flexible model makes this talent accessible to you, for a fraction of the cost.

A proven method

We have worked for many companies similar to yours, and we have crafted a methodology to deliver value quickly while ensuring scalability for the long-term.

We deliver real impact


Monthly savings
in FTEs.


Monthly savings
in software licenses.


Weekly saved in
manual tasks.




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Head of Growth
Head of Analytics
Head of Strategy
Chief Marketing Officer

Frequently asked questions

Is SAIVO a substitute to my in-house data team?
Not at all! We’ll help them become more efficient on the data engineering side as they get to work with the latest technologies and a proven methodology.
How can SAIVO help if I already have some analytics tools in place?
We can complement your existing tools if you want to keep them, or we can replace them with our preferred stack of tools, which we'll likely be a safer bet in the long run. It will depend on how much you want to invest in improving your tech stack.
Will I need to pay a monthly subscription or anything that will lock me up to SAIVO forever?
Nops. We use third-party open-source technologies to create the best possible solution, and we have also developed our own software that gives us more efficiency in the development phase, but you don't need to use our software (and pay for it) after our engagement.
What if I want to contract your team's services for a longer period of time after the Launch Phase?
We offer on-demand support as well as a maintenance service (check out our Services page for further info), but we don’t do body shopping.  
How much time does an average project with SAIVO take?
Our services are designed to last around 3 months, but we will provide a more accurate estimate based on your needs and requirements.
Is SAIVO relevant if we want to do more advanced stuff like AI? 
We can certainly help with that, as the SAIVO team has deep expertise in the fields of AI and Data Science, but we strongly recommend building a solid data foundation first.

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