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Get your data ready,
faster and accurate

Analytics Engineering and DataOps solution running on dbt and the best open source tools. For companies that don’t have a data team yet, or for those that do but want to gain efficiency and save costs

SAIVO is generating a lot value for companies that:

Have many data sources

To run their business, usually with complex operating and distribution models. 

Use lots of metrics

That combine multiple data sources to answer questions and make strategic or tactical decisions on a regular basis.

Need to move fast

With or without an existing data team. In either case, they want to increase their efficiency, remove bottlenecks, and reduce spending.

Analytics has to be an interconnected, iterative, and agile process

But startups face big challenges to get the data fast and right

Expertise in data engineering

Data integration requires expertise in data engineering (API requests, data sync optimization, etc.) and in some sources (Ads platforms, CRMs, etc.).

Low agility, scalability and trust

Data transformation consumes too much time from analysts. Plus, it’s done in a way that doesn’t scale (eg when you can no longer use Excel), and that causes lack of trust in the data (eg many SQL queries scattered across tools).

Unaffordable budgets

The ELT process requires the orchestration of many tools and people involved. It leads to inefficiencies and extra costs in tooling and infra.

SAIVO helps you create and manage your data assets much more efficiently

Get the tables and metrics you need with higher quality, enhanced speed, better governance, and more reliability

Built with every persona in mind

Domain experts
are self-served
Define the metrics you need in business language and get them ready automatically.
Data Analysts
are supercharged
Get a productivity boost and accelerate the time-to-value in your analytics efforts.
are released
Forget about those "ELT issues" and focus on product development.

We are empowering our customers to do more with data, faster

"With SAIVO we are managing 2x annual growth in a data-driven way before building our data team".


Chief Operating Officer

"With SAIVO, my team can calculate any metric and build any dashboard they need. We have been empowered and are able to use data to make better decisions in our day-to-day work".


Chief Executive Officer

"We had to spend many hours every week making sure that the data on our Google Sheets was updated and the numbers correct. We still use Google Sheets today, but SAIVO takes care of moving the data, and we can look at it with total confidence".


Chief Data Officer

"We have tried multiple formulas to set up the best possible data stack and team. Even in a company with existing data infrastructure, SAIVO was the way to go. The flexibility makes it even better".


Chief Product Officer

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