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made easy

Saivo is the data analytics partner for growing brands and startups. Onboarding limited to two companies per month.
The best growing startups are working with Saivo

Limited by your analytics tools?

Your business maybe has outgrown Excel and rigid data products

Excel and “plug-and-play” tools like Supermetrics are a great starting point but fall short when your business grows in complexity (new markets, new channels,...).

But building a data platform in-house takes months and >$2k/mo

Find your first data hire, decide on the right tools and learn how to use them, solve the technical issues, deal with the spiking costs...

Saivo makes analytics easier, faster and less expensive


Monthly savings
in FTEs.


Monthly savings
in software licenses.


Weekly saved in
manual tasks.




We help you build
a modern analytics platform

With a hybrid offering of custom Services provided by a world-class team and the best Technology, automated.

Launch Program

Top 1% analytics engineers will build an end-to-end solution and will empower your team to take it from there.
Discover our model
Discover our model

Automated Data Platform

Open-source analytics platform in your cloud, with a no-code interface that gives your teams more efficiency and control. 
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Custom dashboards
with just a few clicks

The data will be prepared in a way that you can create any dashboards and analyses on your own. You can also pick our templates with industry-standard metrics. 
Control Tower
Get the full picture of your business, with your key metrics, on a daily basis.
Investors Report
Automate your reporting to investors and board members.
Cohort Analysis
Create custom cohorts, for any metrics (retention, LTV,...) and dimensions.
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What makes Saivo unique?

Hybrid offering, real value

Our Services enable personalization and flexibility, but we also provide the Technology to save you costs and time. 

We empower your teams

We get you up to speed, but  you will be fully autonomous, and we’ll be there to provide support when needed.

It’s your data platform

No vendor lock-in, open-source tools in your cloud. And you forget about any technical issues, so you get the best of both worlds.

Save costs while you scale

Adopt the best data tools used by companies like Tesla or Airbnb, while you save $1k per month in tooling and infra costs.

We have helped top brands grow with data

Head of Growth
Head of Analytics
Head of Strategy
Chief Marketing Officer

Frequently asked questions

What if I already have an analytics stack in place?
Saivo only makes sense if you want to build a new analytics stack from scratch or refactor yours. This is because we only work with tools that we are experts in so we can add 10x value. 
What if I already have a data team in-house?
That’s great! We’ll help them become 10x more efficient if they want to adopt the latest technologies and a proven methodology.
Can I contract your services without getting a subscription to your platform?
Yes. The Saivo team will use it because it automates much of the manual work and gives us more efficiency, but once the Launch Phase is completed you decide whether to keep using it or not.  
Can I have a subscription to  your platform without contracting your services?
What if I want to contract your team's services for a longer period of time after the Launch Phase?
We offer on-demand support as well as a maintenance service (check out our Services page for further info), but we don’t do body shopping.  
How much time will it take and how much will it cost?
Our Launch Phase is designed to last max 3 months, but we will provide a more accurate estimate based on your needs and requirements. Regarding the cost, it will depend on the amount of work required by the Saivo team.
What if I can to do more advanced stuff like AI? 
We can certainly help with that, as the Saivo team has deep expertise in the fields of AI and Data Science, but we strongly recommend building a solid data foundation first.

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